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Nominations and awards

• Winner of the Skanderborg Entrepreneur Award 2023

• Winner of Special Mention award at Lifestyle Design Growth 2023

• Shortlisted for the Danish Design Award

• Award winner at Formland - Creators Community Award

• Runners up at the Hoppekids Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award

Press coverage

There has been a lot of attention and interest in the company, Among other things, mention in the following:


Anne makes sustainable chairs out of old plastic bottles.

With the aim of assisting school children with special needs, Anne Mygind designed the Habicave chair in 2020. Since then, it has spread to 80 schools and educational institutions as well as several businesses. With its sound-absorbing and shielding design, the chair invites individuals to take a much-needed break in a busy everyday life.


140 plastic bottles become innovative cave furniture

Reduced stress - and improved well-being and quality of life. That is the intention behind a new and innovative piece of furniture developed by designer Anne Mygind, as reported by Ugebladet Skanderborg. Her company, named HabiWe, includes, in addition to the mentioned furniture - a so-called cave furniture - also a table, a stool, lights, and other additions to the cave furniture.


Everyone needs a mental re-load

"A workday without breaks affects the body and brain in the same way as if one has consumed two alcoholic drinks," says Tina Skaarup Blenstrup, who is part of the team behind HabiWe, a Danish company that designs and produces furniture that supports human well-being. Habi®Cave is their first launched product and is an acoustic furniture piece that creates a mental sanctuary in everyday life - at work or at home."

skanderborg ugeblad 3.png

Sustainable den furniture is Anne's secret weapon against stress

With the design company HabiWe, designer Anne Mygind is revolutionizing the furniture industry with new products that reduce stress and promote better well-being and quality of life."

skanderborg ugeblad 2.png

Jubilantly happy Anne: "It's the nicest pat on the back I could wish for"

"I am so happy that I'm bubbling like champagne inside. This has been an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for the support. It's the most wonderful pat on the back I could wish for. To be seen, recognized, and praised gives me so much motivation to continue."

skanderborg ugeblad.png


Award-winning cave furniture and nature communication at children's level: Here are the finalists for the Entrepreneur Award 2023

The three nominees for Skanderborg's first entrepreneur award have been found. On Thursday, October 5th, they will present their companies to the judges.

Anne has created a piece of furniture that can bring peace to the classroom

HabiCave is intended as a piece of furniture for schools and institutions, where it can reduce sensory stimuli that can create unnecessary stress. It can thereby contribute to a lower stress level.

århus stifstidende.png

Occupational therapist: The senses control our behavior

As humans, we receive sensory stimuli in a constant stream, almost regardless of where we are. Research shows that all humans process 11 million inputs per second. Only a few of these inputs are consciously perceived.


Press release: 2 February: How companies in central Jutland use EU grants to boost growth

CO2 calculations, development of circular materials, sharper communication with customers, automation, and establishment of e-commerce. These are just some of the initiatives that the companies in Central Jutland have sought funding for through the new, large Enterprise Program.


If her company is to have a chance outside the country's borders, she needs to know her climate footprint

Three months ago, Anne Mygind, CEO and founder of the furniture company Habiwe, embarked on calculating the CO2 footprint of her product. She has not yet reached the finish line, but knows that the lengthy process is necessary for the company to grow.

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