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Design with a focus on the 3 bottom lines 

- People, Planet, Profit


We develop acoustic furniture designed to contribute to enhancing human well-being and creating comfort and quality of life. Danish-produced design furniture made from up cycled materials and delivered flat-packed.


Habi®Cave 2.0 is offered in 4 variants


Kenkou (健康) = Health,  Seijaku (静寂) = Silence,  Heiwa (平和) = Peace,  Fukushi (福祉) = Well-being


Colour choice of Habi®Cave

Habi®Cave is available in a plethora of colour options. The colour palette makes it possible to match logo colours, decor, and expressions in any environment. 

We have selected 8 standard colours, all of which match the Scandinavian style and decor. Be inspired by the many colour possibilities and create, for example, a Company Lounge, Diversity Lounge, or use colours to signal which sustainable development goals you are working on. Only imagination sets limits. 

If you are unsure about colours, consider booking an appointment with us for a presentation of options. 

03 Light grey

29 Navy

04 Charcoal grey

35 Light

09 Black

44 Dark

13 Deep

54 Light green

Baggrund og udvikling


We live in a world with an increased level of noise. More and more people are being diagnosed with anxiety, autism, and ADHD. At the same time, stress has become a widespread ailment, with 12% of the Danish population experiencing strong symptoms of stress on a daily basis. Research indicates that one of the reasons for this stress and discomfort may be excessive noise and a lack of tranquility. It has been proven that micro-breaks can contribute to an improved quality of life, enhance performance, and minimize stress.

Bæredygtighed og CO2 aftryk
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verdensmål engelsk.png
verdensmål engelsk.png

Habi®Cave is designed with a

focus on circularity

In the development of Habi®Cave,

there has been a particular focus on 3 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

The mental and physical health of individuals is a fundamental condition for happy and secure people

and basic quality of life.

We receive sensory impressions from everywhere around us. The many sensory impressions can be overstimulating and stressful for some people. Habi®Cave creates a room-within-a-room, where one can easily withdraw from the surroundings and take a break, experience sensory peace, concentration, and immersion. Habi®Cave prevents burnout, exhaustion, and contributes to mental surplus, well-being, and quality of life for both children and adults. In Habi®Cave, one can also find a peaceful working environment and possibly one's own, personal "quiet space" for reading and listening.

Formsprog og design


Habi®Cave provides a 3D spatial experience with its aesthetic design. With its cubist design language, inviting colors, and soft material expression, the cave appeals to the senses. Elements that give users a sense of security, spaciousness, embrace, and calmness - all contributing to enhancing human resilience and well-being, as well as supporting welfare and quality of life.



Anne Mygind's fascination with Japanese origami has always been significant. Origami elevates the design to a new level. By folding the form in paper, new aesthetic nuances and 3D spatial experiences emerge, which are challenging to comprehend and illustrate on a computer or with pen and lines. This process involves demands from the user, the producer, the distributor, and, to a large extent, the sustainable expectations for the form and production, often presenting challenging but always resolved constraints. At the same time, the design through origami provides the opportunity for the product to be folded so that it can be stored and shipped "flat packed."



Habi®Cave is an acoustically dampened cave, meaning that the sound level inside Habi®Cave has been tested to be reduced by one-third compared to the sound level in the room where the cave is placed. The user will experience that the sound inside Habi®Cave is 33% lower than in the surrounding room. Therefore, Habi®Cave is ideal for both preventing and alleviating overstimulation, restlessness, and concentration difficulties by using Habi®Cave to dampen sensory impressions. At the same time, Habi®Cave has an acoustic dampening effect on the sound in rooms with poor acoustics. The felt material absorbs sound, reducing the room's reverberation time – an effect beneficial for the room's acoustics. In the design of the room where Habi®Cave is placed, the surface area can be considered as acoustic dampening material. In this way, Habi®Cave can help improve well-being and create a better learning and working environment. Excessive noise and a lack of tranquility affect our ability to concentrate and maintain focus for extended periods, and Habi®Cave, with its acoustic dampening property, contributes to creating a sense of calm, security, coziness, and immersion for users, both young and old.

Æstetik og funktionalitet

”Origami is a Japanese paper-folding art, a handicraft where only paper is used, without scissors and glue”

Dokumentation og vejledning

Patent, design, and trademark protection, product documentation

dansk design etc engelsk.png

Habi®Cave is/has:

• Design and trademark protection in the EU

• Patent Pending - Assembly method

• Strength tested and approved at the Technological Institute

• Sound/acoustic tested and documented at Sound Hub Denmark in Struer

• Registered with HMI number at the National Board of Health, HMI-Base

• Carbon footprint calculated through a Rethink Business process

• Documented for fire safety, color fastness, and off-gassing/formaldehyde

• Made from FSC-certified wood

• On the way to becoming Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified


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Assembly instructions

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