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About HabiWe

HabiWe is a furniture design company that develops aesthetically compelling and innovative furniture, created with a

research-based and exploratory approach. Our development is rooted in sustainability, functionality, and acoustics,

with the aim that the furniture contributes to enhancing the well-being of the user and ensuring a sustainable indoor climate.

HabiWe's furniture addresses a significant aspect in a society where noise levels and the degree of stimuli are increasing,

often diminishing well-being and raising stress levels for many individuals.

With our product range, we aim to support societal efforts against stress and thereby

contribute to an increased quality of life for people, all while taking good care of our planet.

Designeren bag
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Designer Anne Mygind

The founder of HabiWe, designer Anne Mygind, focuses on and aspires to run a solid and sustainable business that ensures human well-being, not only through the furniture developed but also among the people the company collaborates with. The goal of the company is not only to be sustainable on the economic and human level but to ensure a focus on the planet throughout the product's life cycle, so that in everything we do, we prioritise the three bottom lines. Anne has a background in the textile industry where she has been self-employed for 18 years, operating and selling two design/trading houses that worked with clothing for bidding and contract customers, both in the private and public segments. In 2020, she completed a master's degree in sustainability and industrial design at the Design School Kolding, and subsequently started the company HabiWe in August 2020.

Anne can be contacted by phone +45 60 48 40 51,

or via e-mail

Socialt ansvar

Social responsibility, special employment conditions

HabiWe naturally takes social responsibility, which is why, for assembly work, social media activities,

and other miscellaneous tasks, we continuously have employees in work trials, flexible jobs, internships etc.

Additionally, smaller components in the Habi®Cave are produced by a local social-economic workshop.


 The planet





The watching eye

Habi is an abbreviation of Habitat, as our design focuses on the user's living spaces and well-being

- We cherish our habitats

Memberships and other activities

Design uden navn (1)_edited.jpg

It means a lot to us to keep up with the life of Habi®Cave with our end-users. Therefore, we regularly visit customers and places where Habi®Cave is used by children, young people, adults, and the elderly.

For example, we use "volunteer days" once a year to support our values and CSR work. In 2024, it will be at the Sølund Festival, where we contribute as "Karma Guards", spreading good karma and contributing to creating star moments for Sølund's participants.

Additionally, Anne has volunteered as a judge at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival in recent years to advise students, perhaps future entrepreneurs. If you have suggestions for our next volunteer day, we would love to hear about it.

Vision, mission og værdier

Purpose, vision, mission & values


To enhance well-being and quality of life for children, young people, and adults


To introduce our range / Habi®Cave so thoroughly to the market that it becomes a natural part of the inventory and tools in most places where people gather; offices, workplaces, educational institutions, etc.


To create constructive collaborations with subcontractors, distributors, customers, and partners that uplift, add value, and foster growth


To care for people and habitats - and to take the best possible care of the planet in everything we do

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