The HabiCave is a piece of Danish design furniture for the home

The HabiCave has an aesthetic, Nordic look and is inspired by the Japanese paper folding technique origami. Using this technique, one can create an organic form with a single piece of paper, without glue or cutting, but with folded shapes and patterns.

The HabiCave functions as a lounge chair, creating a calming space for immersion. The HabiCave encourages slow living and is designed to focus on comfort, quality, aesthetics and sustainability.

HabiCave tilbydes i 25 farver, inkluThe HabiCave comes in 25 colours, including 8 colours that fit perfectly in the Scandinavian decorating style. As such, it is possible to choose the HabiCave in exactly the colour that fits into your home or establishment.

Furthermore, the HabiCave is nominated for a Danish Design Award 2021.

The HabiCave creates a cosy, calm and embracing atmosphere

The HabiCave makes it easy to create an inviting and comfortable area in the home with soft cushions, sheepskin rugs, chain lights and warm blankets. The HabiCave has many uses, so the only limit is your imagination. For example, the HabiCave is ideal for creating a calm atmosphere for immersing oneself in homework, reading aloud or just snuggling up with a good movie, alone or together.