Create a healthy office environment, with a focus on well-being and sustainability, with the HabiCave

The HabiCave will significantly improve your office environment, as everyone will benefit from taking microbreaks during the day. A break in the HabiCave will also enhance the user’s performance and ability to focus.

The HabiCave is a sustainable noise-reducing cave capable of modulating sensory impressions that can be used for microbreaks during the day. The cave’s sculptural and aesthetic shape is inspired by origami – the Japanese paper folding technique, with which a single piece of paper can create an organic form.

The HabiCave is a forward-thinking and innovative piece of furniture developed in collaboration with its users, manufacturers and suppliers. In this way, the concept and design are based on evidence and data.

Besides being an environmentally friendly piece of design furniture, it is also an aesthetically beautiful, Danish-produced product. The HabiCave is even nominated for a Danish Design Award 2021.