Create a comfortable environment with the HabiCave – a noise-reducing and sustainable piece of Danish design furniture developed for people and focused on the environment.

Too much noise and not enough rest affect our ability to concentrate and stay focused. The HabiCave, with its noise-reducing capabilities, helps create cosiness, calmness and immersion in its user, young and old.

Create a comfortable learning environment with HabiCaves placed around your library. These invite the library’s visitors to use them for calmness and immersion. The HabiCave is ideal for finding the calm needed for immersion in learning material or a good book, but can also be used to take a break from the stresses of studies or work.

The HabiCave creates a room within the room

Young or old, the library can be a wonderful refuge that inspires learning and immersion. That is why it is important with small, cosy areas where people can find a calming atmosphere. The HabiCave is ideal for creating these cosy areas because it is a room within the room – a cave where the user can lean back in a comfortable seat and enjoy a good book or immerse themselves in learning.

The HabiCave helps inspire a desire for reading. A multifunctional piece of furniture made for micro-living in macro surroundings.