Create better well-being, and a better learning environment with the HabiCave

We know that our surrounding physical space helps to shape the way we act and interact. This is why schools and institutions refer to the physical space as the third teacher or third childcare professional.

As a result, when working towards inclusion and inclusive learning environments, it is necessary to factor in the physical space – this has an important influence on our well-being.

The HabiCave offers a way to create an inclusive atmosphere. It works to aid students and teachers during a busy school day and support the students’ different needs and learning processes.

“The HabiCave invites you into a calming, cosy embrace”

A Noise-reducing Cave

The HabiCave is a noise-reducing cave that gives the child the opportunity to withdraw for a moment while remaining a part of surrounding activities. Tests show that the noise level inside the HabiCave is reduced by a third compared to its surroundings, which can help calm an overstimulated child.

For the sensitive, more introverted child, the HabiCave offers a break from being “on” while also allowing them to recharge and ready themselves for new learning.

For the child with difficulties settling down after a break, the HabiCave can work as an aid to calm the child.

To all children, a micro-break in the HabiCave gives the calmness needed to immerse themselves. It also helps to modulate their sensory impressions while creating a space where there is room simply to exist.

Research shows that implementing a micro-break in our daily routine can help to minimise stress and improve our ability to focus. Large classrooms filled with children who all have different needs make it challenging to create the optimal environment for each child. As an approved assistive product, the HabiCave is perfect for providing the children with a calm, cosy and embracing atmosphere.